shanniedotnet (shanniedotnet) wrote in fat_friends,

Introduction post!

Hi guys. My name is Shannon. I am 27, from Ohio. Today I've begun to count my calorie intake, as I am looking to lose a healthy 40-50 lbs. My goal weight is 175 (by 2008). (i'm 5'3", so a realize i'd still be overweight, but it's alot better than being over 200 lbs). Once I reach that goal, I will most likely set a new goal for myself.

My long time goal is to be 130-140 by the time I reach 30.

I am looking for some friends that will help support me and keep me on track. I've set 1500 calories as my daily intake allowance. Is this too few of calories?

Right now I'm putting off excersize to see how limiting my food intake affect my weight. For lent I gave up french fries and fast food and just with that I've lost 3 lbs!

Add me if you want, I'll add you back! (If I'm not in the right community, can someone please point me to one that I should be in?)
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