Cherie (insomniasucks) wrote in fat_friends,

HI, I'm new!

My name is Cherie. I'm 30 with 3 kids, ages 10, 9, and 14.5 months.

I'm 5'6". I was 120 when I got pregnant the first time. I went up to 160. I thought I was disgustingly fat then. I lost all the weight within a month after giving birth. Then I went down to 115. I got pregnant again and only gained 17 pounds thiat time. Lost the weight quick again. That was in 1997. I stayed skinny from then until I started dating my husband.

When I met my husband in February 2001, I weighed 105. I started gaining weight. We were married in July 2004. On our wedding day, I weighed 145. Went on a cruise. Was 160 when we got home. Tried to lose the weight. Didn't work. Then I got pregnant. Gained 60 pounds this time. Weighed 220 when I gave birth.

I've only lost 40 of those pounds and my daughter is almost 15 months. So, I weigh 180. My goal is to lose 40 pounds. I don't know of any realistic time frame that would fit this goal, so I just hope it comes off this year.

Since Monday started a new year, my husband and I have been kinda dieting. I have a cookbook for crock pots and since I have 3 kids, it is easier for me to throw food in there and let it cook all day so I can do homework and attend sporting events and such with my kids. I also go to school full time and work. Anyway, my cookbook is called "Fix it and Forget it, Lightly" which is all low-fat recipes. So I have started to make all low fat recipes and hoping this will help me to lose some of this weight. If anyone wants the recipes, I'd be glad to share them. Today we had Southwest Chicken. It was good.
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